A Lesson On Life

Only the second month of the year and already off to an odd beginning. Nothing quite like losing someone in your life to realize the bleak mortality of it all. It seems unfair almost. To live your life full of love and virtue, and to be stripped of it all in the end.

But I realized something. 

A life worth living is not about the end, and inevitability of it, but the glorious, fulfilling journey throughout. That may sound cliché and obvious to many, but my viewpoint was always a bit skewed. 

While I was never necessarily afraid of death, I also didn’t embrace it either. It almost came as an afterthought to me. But now that two of the most powerful, most beautiful, strongest, and most caring people in my life are gone, it’s given me an opportunity and a reason to reflect. 

My Great Grandmother on my Dad’s side passed away two weeks ago. Almost four years ago we lost my Great Grandmother on my Mom’s side. The two patriarchs of our family have now moved onto to the other, better, side. 

I saw them as larger than life figures. Literal legends walking among us. In hindsight, angels walking among us would’ve been more accurate, despite their fortitude. Which is actually pretty ironic given both their short physical statures, but at over 90 years old each just to be walking is a triumph in its own.

I equated them to pillars and my family as the building above them. They were the strongest, central, and integral pillars. But as their families grew, new pillars rose around them. The strength of the central pillar was dispersed to the rest around them until they were all strong enough to hold the building up without it, and eventually giving way to even more new pillars. And once the main pillar realized the others were finally strong enough to hold up the building, it knew it was time to rest. 

It goes to show that life shouldn’t be about how big your house is or how fast your car goes. Instead, life’s about building up those around you. It’s about building a community of loved ones, no matter who they are. Family, friends, neighbors, anyone in your life that matters. Your legacy is the lives you touched when you were around. And I hope that we at Around the Hype can be a little part of that.

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