2020 New Year

Here we are. Brand new year, brand new decade. There’s never been a better time than now. The same that goes for you, goes for me too. Everyone has new goals and resolutions when the first comes around, so we might as well get into ours.

Like I promised a long time ago.. THIS ISN’T YOUR NORMAL BLOG. I’ll be the first to admit that we haven’t been great with keeping up with content. Don’t worry. That all changes here and now.

Its not just normal blogs and tweets anymore, either. No. We want this to be a place where creatives come to express themselves. We’re going to start conducting interviews and projects with people we believe inspire and shift the paradigm of culture. We also implore others to write their own pieces, so we can share them on our established platform on their behalf.

Around the hype means something. It’s a wave. It’s a movement. It’s the culture. And soon, you’ll be apart of it too.

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