Time flies, time flies

The concept of consistency leads me to think about how it compares to time.

The past has already happened, and is already stapled in time as happening, for the time being (pun intended)

The future hasn’t happened yet, but relates to the past in the sense that “it happened yesterday, no dramatic change has occurred, it should happen again today”

Between them we have the present. In this moment in time, we have already imagined a future in tomorrow, on a small, superbly bias, individualistic, incredibly selfish, level.

Theoretically, everything could end today and the concept of tomorrow would be irrelevant, but there are somethings you can’t do in a day. This is where consistency and work usually live.

We’ve become dependent on the future.

If your world was going to end today, I doubt you would do any work for tomorrow (unless you loved the process) and you don’t have 100% control on when it is all going to end.

Yes you can take precautions and modern medicine, and yada yada yada. But there’s 6 million ways to die, choose one.

And that would be it, your story would end today, and your legacy would begin…

Offense is then much better than defense. One is proactive and one is reactive. One is living and one is waiting to die. One is today and one is tomorrow.

There’s a certain amount of confidence and gratefulness that lie within living in the moment.

The Confidence here is the perspective that what I do today, really won’t fuck up my world tomorrow, even though it might really seem fucked up (more perspective). I’ll still have the chance to do something about it tomorrow.

And Gratefulness is to everybody who has contributed to all the good/bad times that have led you to this moment right this very second, as there are a trillion of different ways this moment could’ve turned out but it didn’t.

Something could happen tomorrow that could change your whole world, shit something has happened already this week that changed your whole world. Be self aware and keep pushing.

This moment is precious, live in it fully and if tomorrow comes, do it again tomorrow 🤷🏽‍♂️

More life 🤙🏾

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