Happiness is a moving target

My current version of Happiness is a state where I’m grateful for what I’ve been though, passionate about what I’m doing, and excited for what’s next.

I use to equate being happy with reaching a certain point in life.

When I have “X, Y, and Z” I’ll be happy…

I think I just expected to be happy after a certain age, or accomplishment and that’s not how it works.

Looking back on it, I think I was actually referring to being content, and that’s not even close to being happy, it might actually be a close opposite.

Being content is like doing something you don’t hate because you feel like you need to…kinda feels like involuntary servitude to me.

So will you be happy if you eliminate stress?

Well I don’t think so. I think a little stress pushes people to higher levels of success.

I’m not saying that you gotta climb a fucking mountain, but if you never struggle or go through challenges, how do you know if what you’re doing is worth it?

We fall into a trap of just doing things because they’re easy or the blueprint is already laid out for us, without giving enough thought into what makes us happy.

I understand that other responsibilities might get in the way but you also have a responsibility to yourself to live the one life you’ve been given.

And part of that includes having an honest conversation with yourself asking if what you’re currently doing in life is contributing towards your happiness.

As you grow the definition of happiness and what makes you happy will change, so it comes down to being self aware of those things and grateful of the people who make your life better.

You’re responsible for you. Go create some happiness.

Also tell your parents you appreciate them, they gave you life, you owe them the world 🤙🏾

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