Goofy x Pluto

These two dogs of the Disney franchise are very different, but also the same at the foundational level.

Pluto is a dog, and acts as such, and Goofy is a dog, and acts as a human. This distinction leaves Pluto as a pet.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you just walked into a ducking Disney meta-door. Both puns intended.

So, Pluto and Goofy are a lot like you and I, they’re both the same thing, but find success in being so different.

I’m certain I’m not a very good you, and if you tried to be me, you’d fail too, because you’d be trying to fit into a role that wasn’t built for you.


There are more than 7 billion other people in this world and we’re all more similar than these two and couldn’t look more different

We spend so much time trying to find who we are inside of people who aren’t us. That’s where most of the struggles and the stress comes from.

The rest of it comes from trying to impress people that really don’t give a fuck about you anyway.

If Pluto tried to act like a human and Goofy tried to act like a pet, they would probably be fine because their stories are already written, but you’re not a Disney character, and more importantly your life isn’t scripted to be like anyone else’s.

Stereotypes likes this lead to fear of becoming something somebody else, who doesn’t know you, has determined you’ll be…

I really don’t care enough to be to be like anyone else anymore, that shit takes too much work that doesn’t pan out. Ima try to be like me, and invest in myself, and whatever I aspire to be.

If this Goofy and Pluto thing taught me anything, I would spin it around and tell my younger self three things:

1. The only way to fail is to not be yourself. Goofy is Goofy and (I still recognize) Pluto is Pluto.

2. Collaboration > Competition, especially within. These dogs don’t have to hate each other just because they’re different.

3. Go create that shit. ‘Cuz looking at someone else’s blueprint for success and happiness, is like judging a tree by its bark.

Or maybe more relevant, a dog by its bark 🤔😴

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