self-destructive behavior.

We all do things we know probably shouldn’t. We know it’s wrong, yet we do it anyways. Why is that? Are we addicted to the problems these choices create? Probably not. Nevertheless, we can’t seem to stop ourselves sometimes.

Despite knowing better in the back of your mind, you still make the same damn mistake. In that moment it’s almost impossible to gain perspective on what you’re doing. Sometimes you have to look from the outside in to gain some clarity on the situation.

You need to ask yourself what’s really important when you’re engaging in self-destructive behavior. What goals are you really trying to reach in that moment? Is it what feels good right now, or where you want to see yourself in the future?

Rarely do the two go hand-in-hand. One presents temporary ecstasy, a mirage. Sometimes the promise of joy is so overwhelming you can’t help but divulge. That’s not always a bad thing though. The other gives an opportunity of pure and lasting happiness, enlightenment. Which, in the end, should be the ultimate goal in life.

To differentiate the two from one another is a tall task in itself. But it’s completely necessary. It’s important to remember to not get caught up in the moment. Self-destructive behavior is so natural; it’s almost as if it’s embedded into our DNA. Almost every decision you make presents the opportunity to engage in it or not.

Each and every decision we make throughout the day has a consequence to it. Whether that may be good or bad is in the eyes of the beholder. The most we can do is make the best choice for ourselves and live with the results.
Every one of us engages in self-destructive behavior from time-to-time. We can’t let these urges determine who we are as people. At the end of the day, remember you’re human and we all make mistakes sometimes. Learn from them and get better. Otherwise we’re doomed to repeat the same cycle.

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