I met a 6 year old the other day, and she told me that she doesn’t make promises…

I immediately thought how around the curve she was. Like what happens when you don’t verbally commit to anything?

In theory she’s creating this environment where the people around her will struggle with trusting her.

But then, if she continues, she’ll have the opportunity to create trust with her actions. The “I don’t make promises” will turn into “We’ll just have to see” and her actions will do the talking.

How many times have you wished you never agreed to something somebody else has manifested? Because now you can be held accountable for living up to a certain standard.

This is where I think disappointment comes from, expectations.

The version of yourself people will create of you in their minds often differs from our own perception of ourselves. This leads them to expect things from a version of you, that you don’t control.

Stating an idea out loud is often the first step in its existence, but if you never promise it to anybody, Whose going to hold you responsible?

“That’s gonna be a no from me dawg…”

Randy Jackson

I guess it’s up to you.

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