A word on Disrespect

I don’t like the word “deserve” (that’s probably a different discussion for a different day) but I believe that in this context it’s useful: You don’t deserve to tolerate actual disrespect.

Ok, but what does that mean? Like if you’re getting roasted and you’re just sitting there not trying to roast back, I’m not talking about your bitchass. Lol.

That’s not disrespect.

I mean that when someone takes you for granted and makes you feel like you’re replaceable or goes out of their way to make your life harder for their benefit. Disrespect.

I’m a strong believer in the “#WeAin’tShit” movement, maybe its not a thing and I just made it up right now, but it basically stands for everybody is of equal value, so that means nobody’s presence is that valuable that you should tolerate them making you feel less valuable.

Now if it was as easy as just letting them go, you probably would’ve already…So that must mean you need a couple more reasons.

Humans are generally selfish creatures. This is not a bad thing, literally every other organism on the planet is selfish too, it means we have to feed ourself first to survive. Unfortunately, some of us humans are more selfish than others and this leads them to take, what does not belong to them, to make them feel better about themself. Fantastic.

There are people like this in the world, and again, they are not bad people, they’re just suffering from lack of self love, which you must be too if you continue to allow yourself to let them disrespect you.

Don’t play victim, society doesn’t give a fuck. Life is too short to let other people waste your time with disrespect. Everyone is worried about their own shit, so worry about yours and keep pushing.

If you’re tired of getting disrespected, let people know that disrespect will not be tolerated and if they continue to disrepect you, Leave.

Wherever, whoever, doesn’t really matter. As long as you accept the responsibility of whatever that means.

You actually don’t have to say a word, matter of fact don’t say shit, people talk too much anyway and you don’t owe anybody an explanation for choosing your own happiness.

How can you expect somebody to respect you, if you don’t even respect yourself enough to take responsibility and remove disrespect from your life?


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