First things first…

We’re not going to promise you answer to burning life questions. You’re not going to leave this page having life all figured out. 

But, we promise, this blog will make you think. You’ll think more introspectively than you have done ever before. This blog isn’t going to give you the answers. Rather it’s going to make you ask the questions that you haven’t asked yourself already, but should have. 

This isn’t a self-improvement, feel-good, confidence blog. It’s a blog that’s going to make you better because in the end you’re going to be you. It’ll make you want to be your own version of you, not what we think you should be. 

There’s no magic formula to this, no specific mindset that’s going to open your third eye. That’s not what you’re going to find here. Instead what you’re going to find here is a collection of thoughts and entries from my partner and I based on pop culture. These entries, whether they’re on politics or sports or fashion or music or anywhere in between, will make you question what you really believe. While these will be entirely our own opinions, it’s on you, the reader to form your own. 

Do you want to be the sheep that agrees, or disagrees with us? Or will you be the wolves that steps into the light and forms an opinion of their own? You tell me. 

This isn’t your normal blog. This is Around the Hype. 

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