On the Lighter Side of Things

I know the situation we find ourselves in isn't the greatest. Sheltering in place, essentially quarantining for the next three weeks is going to be tough. But we need to look at the lighter side of all this. Otherwise it's just a waste. We should use this time as a social reset. Make use of... Continue Reading →

A Lesson On Life

Only the second month of the year and already off to an odd beginning. Nothing quite like losing someone in your life to realize the bleak mortality of it all. It seems unfair almost. To live your life full of love and virtue, and to be stripped of it all in the end. But I... Continue Reading →

2020 New Year

Here we are. Brand new year, brand new decade. There's never been a better time than now. The same that goes for you, goes for me too. Everyone has new goals and resolutions when the first comes around, so we might as well get into ours. Like I promised a long time ago.. THIS ISN'T... Continue Reading →

Time flies, time flies

The concept of consistency leads me to think about how it compares to time. The past has already happened, and is already stapled in time as happening, for the time being (pun intended) The future hasn’t happened yet, but relates to the past in the sense that “it happened yesterday, no dramatic change has occurred,... Continue Reading →

Happiness is a moving target

My current version of Happiness is a state where I’m grateful for what I’ve been though, passionate about what I’m doing, and excited for what’s next. I use to equate being happy with reaching a certain point in life. When I have “X, Y, and Z” I’ll be happy... I think I just expected to... Continue Reading →

Goofy x Pluto

These two dogs of the Disney franchise are very different, but also the same at the foundational level. Pluto is a dog, and acts as such, and Goofy is a dog, and acts as a human. This distinction leaves Pluto as a pet. If you haven’t figured it out by now, you just walked into... Continue Reading →

self-destructive behavior.

We all do things we know probably shouldn’t. We know it’s wrong, yet we do it anyways. Why is that? Are we addicted to the problems these choices create? Probably not. Nevertheless, we can’t seem to stop ourselves sometimes. Despite knowing better in the back of your mind, you still make the same damn mistake.... Continue Reading →

one of those nights.

We don’t know when inspiration will hit. But when it does, you know it when you see it. Today it came in the form of a fire pit, cigarettes, and lots of alcohol. I guess I’m just dramatic like that. Go figure. People love to tell you things will get better; there’s a light at... Continue Reading →

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